These procedures are applicable to the University of Glamorgan Staff and those that have been employed by the University of South Wales contracts’ until a USW version is approved


The following Procedure outlines and identifies the Universities approach to managing the administration of medicines in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and following Department for Education and Skills and Welsh Assembly Guidance.

This procedure applies to the Glamorgan Group in relation to:

  • Young children attending any of the facilities managed by Child Care Services,
  • Young learners under the age of 16 years who attend university/college premises e.g. pupils educated otherwise, members of a school link group or members of 14 – 19 Pathways
  • Young learners between the ages of 16 and 18 years and those attending work placements, casual employees etc.
  • Mature learners who may be covered by the University�s Vulnerable Adult Policy.
  • 16 -18 year olds are classified as adults.

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The following instructions set out the procedure to be adopted in the event of a bomb threat etc occurring for any of the Glamorgan Group premises and campuses.

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As part of the University of Glamorgan policy to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our staff, students and visitors, the Occupational Health and Safety Services has implemented a programme of health surveillance of all persons classed as food handlers.

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Intramural sport offers students and staff the opportunity to participate in recreational sport leagues and competitions within the University. Heads of Departments must ensure that those responsible for the arrangement of intramural sports activity are made aware of and comply with this procedure and
associated rules as identified within the procedure.

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This procedure describes the University of Glamorgan`s commitment to Occupational Health (OH) Surveillance and its implementation. The procedure is designed to provide guidance to management, employees and occupational health staff on the development, maintenance, documentation and use of health surveillance appropriate to a location’s requirements.This procedure applies to the University of Glamorgan Group. The principles and guidance are equally applicable to offices, workshops, laboratories, classroom, lecture halls, sports and health centres including landscapes locations.

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The Students Union has the status of an incorporated association whose officers are liable and responsible for the actions of the Union. Its Constitution is approved by the Board of Governors of the University, under the University’s Articles of Government.

The Students Union is responsible for health and safety in respect of activities undertaken by the Union and for establishing its own Health and Safety Policy, organisation and arrangements.

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