Accident and First Aid Arrangements


Staff and students are encouraged to report any accidents, incidents or near miss occurrences in which they are involved or that they may have witnessed.

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Reports must be completed within the timescales as laid down in the USW procedure (within 24 hours from date of the accident

A pdf version (pdf 39KB) of the form is also available to reord the details and then the online system must be used.

A Guidance Document (pdf 502KB) is available for users.

A Witness Statement pro-forma (pdf 39KB) is also available.

Incidents must be recorded on the Accident Report Form either by the affected individual, a first aider, their line manager, a work colleague or the Faculty/Department Health & Safety Coordinator. The Department Health & Safety Coordinator must be contacted to ascertain if an investigation of the incident is to be carried out and for the implementation of any measures which may be required to prevent a recurrance.

More serious accidents must be reported to the relevant enforcement authority under the reuirements of RIDDOR (Reporting of Incidents, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrances Regulations). This function is carried out by OHSS.

First Aid

These documents describe how the University addresses its provision of first aid cover for staff and students.

First Aid at Work Procedure OHSS 02.17 (pdf 115KB)

First Aider list and locations at University Campuses (pdf 60KB)

First Aid Posters

A Block First Aiders
Accomodation First Aiders
ATRiuM First Aiders
B Block First Aiders
Baglan Energy Park First Aiders
C Block First Aiders
Cromwell House First Aiders
Crownford House First Aiders
D Block First Aiders
F Block First Aiders
G Block First Aiders
Glamorgan Conference Centre First Aiders
Glamorgan Sports Park First Aiders
H Block First Aiders
J Block First Aiders
K Block First Aiders
Lower Glyntaff First Aiders
Play Centre First Aiders
Recreation Centre First Aiders
Stilts First Aiders
Students Union First Aiders
The Lodge First Aiders
The Meeting Place First Aiders
Treforest LRC First Aiders
Upper Glyntaff First Aiders
W Block First Aiders
William Price Business Park First Aiders
1 LR First Aiders
2 FG First Aiders
3 LR First Aiders
7 FG First Aiders
8 FG First Aiders
14 LR First Aiders